Temecula Wedding Photographer Tips of What to Wear for a photoshoot.


So, you have a photo session scheduled and have no idea what to wear... don't worry you are not the only one.

Engagement photo, Family photo, Maternity photo, Suprise Proposal photo, Senior photo - What to Wear?

Wear something you are comfortable in.  If you are not comfortable, it will show in the pictures.

Wear something that you love and make sure it's "you".

Select outfits that are dressier than normal - the fancier, the better!

Layering is great - you can always take off a sweater or jacket.

Select outfits that are complementary in style and color to each other, but not too matchy. However, do wear clothes that are at the same level of dressiness.

Avoid clothing that is either all white or light gray (anything that is lighter/brighter than your skin complexion).

Avoid shades of green if the session planned at a location with significant greenery, such as trees or grass.

Patterns and prints go out of style quickly and they are distracting so stick with solid colors.

Wear shoes you love and can comfortably walk in.

Leave your purse and sunglasses behind unless you want them in the photos.

If you plan to bring your pet along to include in some of the photos, you will need to bring a friend to watch him/her during the portions of the photoshoot that don’t involve them.

Beautiful and simple nails are great and serve to not distract from the gorgeous ring on your finger.

Consider having your hair and makeup professionally done.  This will boost your confidence and it will show in your photos.

Long-sleeve top for her, and long pants for him, are recommended.


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